What is an on-demand program?

An on-demand program is a recording of a webinar or webcast event that is accessible at your convenience. This format may be paused or stopped and if you choose, taken in segments over time.

Do I need to create an account before I can register for training?

In order to purchase or register, you need to create an account profile for yourself or the person for whom you are registering.

How do I create an account?

An account can be created by clicking on the "Create Account" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You will be required to enter your email, name, address, and credentials before choosing your password. Please remember your password as you will need that to log into the site.

How do I register multiple people for the same course?

Each user must create their own account and register under their name so that the course appears in their account. Group purchasing is not available at this time.

What if I need more information on a program or product?

Detailed information is provided by clicking on a course title: program description, schedule, content, credit, instructor(s), and pricing. If you need more information contact the MMA at education@mmaoffice.org.

What is the refund/cancelation policy?

For MMA training(s) that have a registration fee, please email your cancellation request to education@mmaoffice.org or call (406) 443-4000. Registration fees will be fully refunded if the request is received within 24 hours of purchasing an on-demand session. Please allow 10-14 days for the processing of any refunds.

When I click on the “Play" button, nothing happens. What should I do?

This may be due to a technical or compatibility issue. A few quick settings you can adjust that may solve the problem:

1. Make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off to allow for new windows to open.

2. Your web browser should have “cookies" turned on.

If this doesn't work and you are still having trouble viewing the training, you can call our support phone line at to (406) 443-4000 or education@mmaoffice.org for immediate assistance. You can also email help@commpartners.com or use the Support Portal.

I am having technical difficulties with the program. What do I do?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with any part of the program, please send the details of the problem as well as your contact information to education@mmaoffice.org.


How do I earn the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention CME certificate?

You must meet three requirements to earn the certificate.

1. You must have a valid approved healthcare license or credential.
2. You must successfully complete the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Training.
3. You must receive a passing score on the post-course test.

How long do I have to review all four modules?

You have six weeks from your initial purchase to review the four modules and take the post-course test. Please use your time wisely.

How do I gain access to the post-course test?

Once you have completed your review of all four modules and filled out the evaluation, the system will allow you access to the post-course test.

How many questions does the post-course test have?

The post-course test has 10 multiple-choice questions.

How long do I have to take and pass the post-course test?

You have a maximum of six weeks from the time you initially purchased the program to complete the review of all four modules to take the post-course test.

What is the passing score for the post-course test?

The passing score for the post-course test is 70% or higher.

How many continuing education credits can I earn by participating in the training?

You will earn 3.5 CME credits only if you receive a passing score of 70% or higher on the post-course test.

How do I retrieve my certificate once I earn it?

After you successfully complete all three steps to earn your Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention certificate, you will be able to immediately download your certificate. To reprint your certificate, click on your dashboard.